Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our new addition to the family

Hello to all. My name is Sasparilla. I came to live at Tonya's house three weeks ago. I came from Casa de los gatos cat shelter where I have been living for the past three years. I had been patiently wishing for my forever home and it finally came true. 
 Enjoying my new home and playing with toys makes me purr a lot. I have a sister named Isabelle. She is kinda shy but she likes to play with me.
I like reading and tea time with my mom the best. Today was a rainy day, so it was extra cozy.  I wish you cozy days too.                                              Happily ever after, Sasparilla              


Monday, July 25, 2011

Our drive to Patagonia

Hello to our blog friends, Last weekend we took a drive to beautiful Patagonia.
We went to a magical place, where we saw so many beautiful hummingbirds. Some were golden brown, some had brilliant turquoise chests,and some with violet crowns.
Some very generous people open their yard so that people from around the world can enjoy this wonderous specticle.

Down the road a bit we spotted some tissue paper flowers.
One last view as our day comes to an end.

We will see you soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A busy summer

Hello to all of our blog friends. Sorry about our absence but summer calls and we have been a bit distracted with outdoor activities lately. Herbs are so wonderfully refreshing on HOT summer days.
   The sunflowers have finally peaked and we have been gifting them to special friends. Here is one for you.
The wonderfully talented Lauren from Fair Rosamund made this cake from scratch and it tasted even better than it looks.
This homemade chocolate frosting was to die for, not too sweet, just right. And the fresh strawberries! Oh my!
Summer monsoons are on the way. Hip hip hooray! Less watering, more blogging. As for daisy, she 's feeling lazy. Who doesent, when it gets this hot.(110 in the shade). We hope your summer is fun and relaxing. You deserve it!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday afternoon

Our journey to the thrift store unfolds
See what treasure we found!!

Some metal-Some lace

A lovely bouquet of spring flowers
It was a beautiful spring day in Tucson, just perfect for a Treasure hunt! You never know what you will find and that is what makes it so much fun don't you think?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Start of A Brand New Day

We are singing with joy to be writing our first blog post! Hi, we are Joni and Tonya and we love making mixed-media artwork and shopping for great vintage finds. We live in Tucson, AZ and we have an etsy shop called Mystic Blue Creations.

We have been long-time admirers of all of you bloggers out there and are very excited to join the community! We love to get comments on our work and we hope to see you around here often!